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"IF YOU WANT TO ARRIVE FIRST, RUN ALONE. IF YOU WANT TO ARRIVE FAR, WALK TOGETHER" (African Proverb) The passion for singing is a gift from God, a beautiful expression of His love and goodness. Who received it, has to give thanks and to put it to use for people in needs. For this reason, Vocixvoi Gospel choir is in a continuous quest of a constant commitment to sustain charity and volunteering associations, such as Mani Tese, the Red Cross and Avis, just for mentioning some. We're at the service of whoever asks for our support, we're always ready to lend a helping hand, praising the name of the Lord.


MANY VOICES THAT VIBRATE IN ONE SOUL AND IN GOD'S NAME The Gospel choir Vocixvoi of Melegnano is in activity from 2000 and it is composed by about thirty elements. Starting from September 2014 the stage-managing has been committed to Marta Meazza, with the partnership of Massimo Bedoni. The choir's repertoire is composed by traditional Gospel songs, Spirituals and free arrangements of contemporary pieces. In these years the choir has had the possibility to perform in many churches in Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, in various theatres and in occasion of important choral music manifestations. In November 2004 the chorus singers founded the cultural association "Aquarius", aimed to the musical culture promotion and to charity. From 2005 to 2007 the chorus supported the theatrical company Profebo from Lodi in the realization of the musical "La ballata di Koibraeel", a work between gospel and rock, born from the fusion of four important musicals. In 2010 and 2011 the chorus had the possibility to collaborate with the singer and songwriter Gianluca Grignani, and to take part to two of his concerts at the Smeraldo Theatre and at the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan.

Wedding Gospel

WEDDING GOSPEL Our voices that sing on the melody of your love. The bond between two human beings is the expression of God's love; Gospel music sings about this love, it is gratitude, it is prayer, it is joy. That's why it is the right melody that will accompany the day of your "I do!" We offer you a wide selection of songs, that you'll find in this section, for "colouring" your ceremony.

The Voices of the Gospel Choir VocixVoi

Marta Meazza

Role in the choir Direttore

Vola solo chi osa farlo

Marta Meazza direttore

Massimo Bedoni

Role in the choir Pianista

Non sparate sul pianista… è in missione per conto di Dio

Massimo Bedoni pianista

Antonio Meazza

Role in the choir Voce guida

La voce umana non potrà mai raggiungere la distanza coperta dalla sottile voce della coscienza

Antonio Meazza voce guida

"“Take my hand and we will walk in peace, because we’re all a part of one big family”"
Pastor Keith Moncrif

A website Like a Book

Hi everybody! In the launch of the new website it couldn’t lack a greeting from your President. Why a website if there are the social networks indeed? The answer is easy… not everybody uses Socials and a lot of people, in order to get information, use internet in an old-style way, that is googling. That’s why we’ve searched for a dynamic and modern website, that gives current news and that allows finding us in an easier and more immediate way. A website that is a “book” in whose pages our friends will read the emotions of our concerts and the news about the events at which we participate; they will find pictures, videos and every kind of information about the “Voci”. In these pages we will narrate the story of our choir.

All this has been possible thanks to the job of the architect and web designer Giorgia Guarino (creatoridimmagine) who has availed herself of the collaboration of our choristers Katia Calò and Laura Corea, for the realization of the contents.
A website that I invite you to discover, page after page, like a book of which you’ll be inspired authors and important actors.
Good reading!

Antonio Vigorito
I’ve got a testimony.


"“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”"
Victor Hugo

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